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A popular first upgrade for many cyclists is to replace the stock wheels with some better hoops. A new pair of wheels can provide many benefits. Whether it's to breathe new life into a tired bike, improve the handling on your road bike, reduce the weight on your race bike or add strength to your mountain bike – Velo Bikes can help out. We offer a selection of pre-built wheels from popular brands such as Mavic and Hope, or more exclusive brands such as Zipp or Reynolds.  Our mechanics also offer an in-house custom build service to suit your needs and budget.

Your wheels take more direct punishment during a ride than any other component on your bike. They are your contact with the road or the trail and have to absorb all the impacts of our poorly maintained roads, or bumps and scrapes as you rattle through a rock garden. Whilst some damage can be repaired, such as broken spokes, badly dented rims may mean a complete rebuild or a new set of wheels.



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